We’ve all been gutted. 

You, me, the person sitting across from you at the coffee shop while you read this. Whether it’s a single moment in time or a series of events over a period of time, it happens when we lose sight of our gut instinct. These experiences can often change the course of our lives, guiding us in directions that we wouldn’t have necessarily chosen.

In my work as a life coach, I have listened to countless clients talk about feeling “stuck” in their lives. Upon deeper investigation, the root cause of these feelings is almost always a betrayal of self. 

I created this podcast in an attempt to find out why we, as human beings, continue to ignore our gut instincts over and over again. I have invited people from all over the world to share stories of losing touch with their intuition and how they found their way back home. This project is about vulnerability and learning mistakes in order to empower each and every one of us to step more boldly into our true selves. 

Love & Guts,

Allie Stark


When she isn’t interviewing for Gutted, Allie Stark works as a life coach, speaker, and inspired entrepreneur in Oakland, CA. She runs a private coaching practice and offers talks and workshops to companies nationwide, such as Nest, Seva Foundation, SheLift, GoPro, and Planned Parenthood. Her work is centered around the idea of 'Reclaiming Your Instinct'—a practice focused on quieting the clamor of social training in order to realign with your own truth. 

She swears by her morning smoothie, ghosting out of parties, and using profanity in circumstances when she should probably check herself. You can learn more about Allie’s work through her websiteFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.